Climbing Kilimanjaro Video

I am raising funds for Kupona Foundation who are helping women to recover from Fistula by curing them and teaching them skills to live a better life. Imagine if, while giving birth, you or your partner faced a complication requiring emergency medical care. Imagine if that care was unavailable, and you lost your baby. You grieve for the loss of the child who was so close to living. You, or your partner, suffer silently, trying to find a way to cope with the physical trauma that leaves you incontinent, unable to work and further devastated by judgment and abuse at the hands of your friends and family. Fistula program has treated patients as young as 12, and as old as 82. Imagine living like this for decades, certain that your pain will continue for the rest of your life. Imagine if this happened to your teenage daughter.

Please support these basic medical services by donating to my Crowdrise campaign for the Kupona Foundation.